ND District 32 Republicans - Re-Elect Dick Dever, Re-Elect Lisa Meier, Re-Elect Pat Heinert to North Dakota District 32

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As we work through the challenges associated with COVID-19, good management of our state’s resources is a must. In the next session, we will work to streamline state government, prioritize spending and keep taxes low.

Good Paying Jobs

Whether it is funding workforce development programs, supporting high-tech industry or empowering the latest and greatest innovations in energy and agriculture, we are working to ensure there are opportunities for our hardworking North Dakota families is our top priority.


Our children are our greatest resources. We have increased funding for education and worked to improve school safety and promote stronger behavioral health support for our students.

Supporting Seniors and Veterans

Your District 32 Republican team has worked to increase support for long-term care and in-home care. We have also eliminated income tax on social security income for low income seniors and all military retirement pay.

Public Safety

We have worked to crack down on violent protestors, stepped up efforts to stop human trafficking and provided additional support for law enforcement and first responders.

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ND GOP District 32 - Dever - Meier - Heinert

US Senator John Hoeven
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In these difficult times, we need strong, experienced leaders who know how to get things done. Your legislative team of Dick Dever, Lisa Meier and Pat Heinert have done an outstanding job for District 32. They are committed to balancing our budget, growing jobs and holding the line on taxes. At the same time, they know how important it is to fund our priorities, like education, public safety and taking care of our people.
Re-Elect Dick Dever
Dick Dever
North Dakota Senate
  • Married to Pam, 42 years, 3 Children, 12 Grandchildren
  • Elder, Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church
  • Appropriations Committee
  • Senate Employment Committee Chair
  • Board Member – Face IT Together
  • Board Member – Burleigh Human Services Zone
  • U.S. Army Veteran, Chair, Legislative Veteran’s Caucus
  • 2019 Greater ND Chamber Champion Award

"I serve as a champion for those needing our help overcoming addiction and mental health challenges."

Re-Elect Lisa Meier
Lisa Meier
North Dakota House
  • Married to Dennis, 4 sons, 7 Grandchildren
  • Appropriations Committee
  • Past Transportation Committee Vice Chair
  • Past Education Committee Vice Chair
  • Pride Industries Board Vice Chair
  • KNDR Radio Board Member
  • Governor Appointee member of National and Community Services Commission
  • ND Boy Scouts Executive Board
  • 2019 recipient of AARP Capitol Caregivers Award
  • 2019 Greater ND Chamber Champion Award

"Good Schools are critical to our success. They are the bedrock our society and economy are built upon."

Re-Elect Pat Heinert
Pat Heinert
North Dakota House
  • Married to Lynn, 2 Daughters, 3 Grandchildren
  • Education Committee Member
  • Energy & Natural Resources Committee Member
  • Retired Burleigh County Sheriff
  • 39 Years in Law Enforcement
  • N.D. Peace Officers Past President
  • N.D. Sheriff’s Assn. Past President
  • NDPO “Lone Eagle” and “Bravery” Awards
  • United Way Past Board Member
  • 2019 Greater ND Chamber Champion Award

"I have dedicated my life to serve and protect. As a state legislator, public safety is my priority."